Travel Hedging
How To Take a Honeymoon-Quality Vacation
Every Year - For Free!
This book outlines a new strategy called "Travel Hedging" - which allows you to take a honeymoon-level luxury vacation every year - for less than what most people pay for a budget vacation.

It gives you all of the perks of having top-status with airlines & hotels, WITHOUT juggling lots of credit cards, attending timeshare presentations, or spending irresponsibly.
The following 3 simple, but rarely used, strategies will improve your vacations in ways that aren't even possible when traveling "the traditional way".
Travel Hedging 101
Discover rarely used features of Google Flights and Kayak that will allow you to find the best-priced 1% of flights in the world - any day of the week. 

These are flights so inexpensive - you'll often be able to fly in business or first-class - for less than the cost of an economy flight.  (Regardless of how much status or how many points you may or may not have).

Travel hedging 201
Discover a rarely used loophole in hotel loyalty programs that will allow you to stay in 4 & 5-star luxury resorts - completely free - with 1/2 to 1/10th as many loyalty points as what most people pay for a budget hotel.

And learn how to wash/rinse/repeat these free hotel stays - multiple times a year.

Travel Hedging 301
Discover advanced point hedging strategies that will allow you to "Hedge" your normal, everyday credit card expenses so you can:
1) Earn 3 to 10 times as many points as you're earning with your existing credit card.

2) Redeem hundreds of dollars worth of points for for international business, if not first-class flights worth thousands of dollars.
*And you can do all of the above WITHOUT spending irresponsibly on credit cards, juggling lots of credit cards, or needing millions of frequent flyer points.
"We hoped, but never really thought it was possible.

Being able to sleep on the world's longest flight (17hrs 15mins) was wonderful!

$8000 flights - all paid for with points I earned from normal, everyday household expenses on just two credit cards. Thanks for the guidance JGOOT!"
-Renee & Paul McLaughlin
Here's what you'll also discover inside this book
  • Everything you need to know about flights:
    This includes using hidden features of Google & Kayak to find the best 1% of flights on the internet - any day of the week.
  • ​Simple, Must-Have Formulas for Success
    These formulas and online calculators will help you instantly know whether any flight or hotel you find is a good deal or not.
  • ​The Secret to Mastering Free Accommodations
    Step by step directions to repeatedly transform $1000 worth of points into $3000 to $5000 worth of free hotel stays
  • ​No Bull$%&t Credit Card Recommendations
    We don't mess with credit-card churning at JGOOT. I'll show you how to do more with 2 or 3 travel credit cards than what most card-churners do with a dozen.
  • ​Strategies to Build Your Own Travel Slush Fund
    Learn how to get an ever-flowing well of hundreds of thousands of points WITHOUT chasing sign-up bonuses or needing to spend irresponsibly
  • Point Redemption Maximizers
    Straightforward techniques that will show you how to redeem 100,000 points for no less than $2500, and sometimes as much as $25,000 in free flights or accommodations.
  • ​Shiny Objects You MUST Avoid at All Costs
    The hard truth about which travel tips and tricks are just distractions that are wasting your time, and what you should focus on instead
  • ​Quizzes, Exercises, & Challenges
    Learn by doing with end-of-chapter exercises that will cement the knowledge you've picked up and ensure your long-term success
  • ​Opportunities to Go Bigger & Better
    Access to a few extra training resources as well as a pathway to take everything you learned and apply it on an ultra-luxury level
  • The Blueprint to Take a Vacation of a Lifetime Every Year
    Once you have this knowledge, it’s yours forever. You have everything you need to travel more often, more comfortably, and for much less - for the rest of your life
" I was warned that Sydney was an expensive city.

But the money I've saved on flights & hotels using JGOOT techniques has allowed me to splurge on some amazing experiences."
-Amy Osborne

Limited-Time Bonus

During the initial launch of this book, the next  100  31 to buy the book and audiobook will be given two different challenges that can be done within the next 30 days:
  • A "Free hotel" challenge (Can be booked as soon as this weekend)
  • ​A "Fly for under $100" challenge (Can be booked for any time in next 6 months)
Complete either challenge within the next 30 days and we'll send you a $100 travel savings card - redeemable at over a million hotels, car rental companies, and activities/excursions around the world.
*Full terms and conditions of bonus on the next page.
"These strategies have seriously changed how we look at travel, how much we get to travel, and it's just made life a whole lot more exciting!

I can't recommend this book enough."
-Teri Aranda Hales
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