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See what these clients have to say about the amazing vacations they've taken since joining JGOOT Lounge.

Stephanie Goes to Greece, Tahiti, and more!

Stephanie's trip to London was canceled in July due to COVID. 

In August, she joined JGOOT Lounge.

By the end of the year, she booked two separate luxury vacations. One to Greece, and another to Tahiti. Both were in nicer resorts, both were on nicer flights, and both of them combined were less expensive than what she would have paid for her London vacation.

She has since taken vacations to Hawaii, Aruba, Mexico, and Italy - all business or first class flights, all 4 & 5-star resorts, and all for less than what she used to pay for budget flights and hotels.

Mira & Jeff's $64,000 around-the-world luxury vacation

Mira's trip was inspired by finding $80 direct flights to Japan using "Rule 1" of the JGOOT Way of travel (no points required!)

She upgraded that flight to first-class using points, 

and ended up visiting 6 countries, 

taking 7 business/first-class flights, 

stayed 24 nights in 4 & 5-star resorts, 

rented cars (at post-covid rates) 

and spent $6200 for their entire vacation. 

Gil goes to Dubai in Business Class for $34

Gil has booked multiple international business-class flights for $17 to $120.

Watch this case-study as he shares pictures and stories from his most recent trip to Dubai.

Nadja's 20th anniversary on a luxury private island

Within 2 months of joining our travel coaching program, Nadja booked this luxury vacation for free.

It was a private island with all-inclusive 5-star service, and only 4 villas on the entire island. 

Normal cost: $3500 per night.
Nadja's cost: FREE

Blake & Becca go to Dubai

Blake is in Real Estate. Becca is a Teacher.

They've NEVER flown in business or first-class, but after joining JGOOT Lounge - they booked $4000 business-class flights for $404, and will never have to go back to flying in coach again. 

Watch as they share pictures, stories, and tips on how they did it.

Ashley books 7 trips for what she paid for one trip the year before.

Ashley has a family of five and they are a one-income household...

She used to work in the airline industry...

She thought she knew all of the tricks of the trade...

Then she joined JGOOT Lounge.

Join us for this interview where she shares the 7 trips she took in 2021 - for less than what she paid for ONE trip in December of 2020.

A tale of two trips...

Stephanie has always been an avid traveler.

She and her boyfriend Matt get out of town at least 6 times a year. 

But before JGOOT - they stayed in budget motels, or rented rooms in an AirBnB.

Now, they stay at 4 & 5-star resorts, and spend less than they ever spent before.

Watch this case-study as she compares two similar trips with one big difference.

Melany takes four vacations for less than what she used to spend on a single trip.

Melany has a family of four.

They went to Hawaii just before COVID, they stayed 7 nights at reasonably priced lodging, they rented a car, and they paid $10,000 for that trip.

After joining JGOOT Lounge, they went back to Hawaii using the strategies we teach in our coaching program.

They stayed 8 nights, they stayed in nicer resorts, they rented a car (at post-COVID rental rates), and they paid $1600 for that entire vacation. 

They also just got back from a vacation in Puerto Rico. Join as she shares pictures from the 4 trips she's taken since joining JGOOT lounge - all for less than what they used to spend on a single trip.

From 2-3 trips/year to 8-10 (for the same budget)

Jessica owns a hair salon in St Louis.

Before COVID, she and her husband traveled a couple times a year, plus maybe a road-trip when they could.

In the 10 months after they joined JGOOT Lounge - they took 8 trips for the same budget that they used to spend on two trips... (And they took two more in November/December.)

On top of that - they're staying at nicer resorts and they're stretching their travel budget so much farther - they're often taking their family on vacations with them as well.

JGOOT In the News

Here is a 3-minute compilation of our interview on CBS News, and dozens of written testimonials about both rules 1 and 2 of The JGOOT Way of travel.

Rule 1: Find amazing cash deals & schedule vacations around them.

Rule 2: Always have a stash of points for when you can't find an amazing cash deal.

Highlight Reel

Don't have time to watch dozens more? 

Here is a 12-minute highlight-reel of what even more of our clients have to say about JGOOT Lounge.

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