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The problem

The problem with taking free vacations on points is that no one can plan for them except you. 
  • No one can earn points except you.
  • ​No one can redeem those points except you

The solution

Although we aren't travel agents and we can't earn or redeem points for you, we do have a team who can show you how to do it yourself.

Once you learn our proven and repeatable way to travel for free on points - you'll never go back to the way you've always traveled again.

We have two travel coaching programs:

JGOOT Village

JGOOT Village is our budget-travel coaching program.

It's 100% free and the strategies we teach will show you guaranteed strategies to take a budget-vacation per year - entirely free (paying only taxes and fees.)

There are several ways you can take advantage of JGOOT Village: 
  • Our free training library here on this site 
  • ​Our free Facebook group with even more free trainings 
  • ​Weekly live Q & A sessions inside our free Facebook group
  • ​Our free coaching line
  • ​Links to all of the above are in the menu above.

JGOOT Lounge

JGOOT Lounge is our premium-travel coaching program.

Unlike JGOOT Village (which is limited to basic strategies that will get free budget flights/hotels)... 

JGOOT Lounge is a paid coaching program that teaches you to travel in the best 1% of accommodations for free (excluding taxes).

We do this by sharing how to efficiently earn hundreds of thousands of airline/hotel points per year and we guarantee the following minimum results:
  • Group coaching: $10,000 in free travel guaranteed*
  • ​1-on-1 coaching: $25,000 in free travel guaranteed*
  • Our concierge-level service guarantees a minimum of $100,000 in free luxury travel including first-class flights and luxury vacations like:
  • African Safaris
  • ​Flying in Private Suites
  • ​Over-water bungalows
  • ​All-Inclusive Vacations with Private Butler Service
*Minimum eligibility requirements apply for all paid coaching programs.
Set up a free discovery call to find out if you are eligible for our paid coaching program.
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