Free Guide: How to get $2000 in flights & hotels from 10 minutes of work
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Still wondering how to get started in the world of traveling for free on points?

Here is an easy-to-implement 3-step guide

Step 1: Print this guide to reference during this free training.

Step 2: Watch this free training.

Step 3: Watch the additional resources below for next steps after that.

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Properly used - the credit-cards recommended in this guide will get more value than nearly any airline, hotel, or cash-back card in existence. 

If they're not currently in your wallet - you're missing out on thousands of dollars in free travel per year.

(If not convinced of this, set up a free coaching call below and we will send you our "How much are your airline/hotel/cash-back cards costing you?" guide.)

Redemption Multipliers: How to instantly increase the value of your flexible points

In this video training - we share a couple free tools that will instantly increase the value of your points by 200% to 300%.

*This assumes you have the right flexible points. Set up a free coaching call below for a free assessment of the value of any points you currently have.

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Earning Multipliers are how you constantly replenish your points so you don't run out.

In this video training - we interview the founder of CardPointers - An app that can help you earn points 3 to 5 times as fast. 

Pair that with Redemption Multipliers in the lesson above - and you could put 25¢ (if not 50¢) of every dollar you spend - back in your pocket in the form of future free travel. 

You read that right - If you spend $50,000 per year on credit cards - mastering these simple "multiplier" strategies can get you $12,500 to $25,000 in free travels - every year.  $100k could get you $25,000 to $50,000 per year.

Until you learn the power of these multipliers - you'll never get more than 1% or 2% of whatever you spend (if anything at all.)

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