JGOOT Village: Introducing you to the world of traveling for free on points

*Without needing to manage dozens of credit cards
JGOOT Founder - Joel McDonald in a $12,000 private suite on Singapore Air that he booked for $26

Welcome to JGOOT! (AKA "Just Get Out Of Town")

Our mission at JGOOT is to make travel affordable for anyone who wants to either travel more, or travel better.

As travel coaches we teach travelers to earn 100,000 to 500,000 points per year - and use them to travel for free...

...WITHOUT juggling lots of credit cards, or depending on millions of frequent flyer points.

We do this in three ways: 

JGOOT Village

JGOOT Village is our free library of training videos.

We teach basic point-hedging principles that, when applied, will allow you to take at least a free vacation per year.  

* No need for juggling dozens of credit cards (just a couple of the RIGHT ones).

* No need for budget airlines or living on a Ramen-noodle budget to save enough for your next trip.

* No need for redeye flights, last-minute travel, or staying at hostels.

Just common-sense strategies that, when applied, eliminate "cost" as a reason for not treating yourself to at least one free vacation per year.  

We even have a free coaching line to help you decide which resource will help the most with your specific travel needs.
John & Rachel on their 14th Vacation since JGOOT

Engaged in Rome on a trip they booked for FREE with points.  
Mira & Jeff's First-Class flight to Japan: $80

"First class is so awesome! They give you all the cookies and lemonade you want!"
(Yup! This works for families too.)

JGOOT Lounge

JGOOT Lounge is our premium-travel coaching program.

Unlike JGOOT Village strategies, which can earn a free budget vacation a year...

JGOOT Lounge is for international travelers who want to fly/stay in first class, and stay in 4/5-star resorts for free (or just the cost of taxes). 

Luxury flights and lodging normally cost 3 to 10 times as much as budget travel, but when you apply the strategies we teach in the Lounge - you'll be able to take those vacations for free... Guaranteed.

Either way - start with the free resources you'll find right here in JGOOT Village.

You can inquire about our premium coaching program at the bottom of any of those resources.

Happy travels!

Joel McDonald
Founder: Just Get Out Of Town

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